Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love Hunger

It's about twenty years ago I came across this expression, "love hunger." At once it clicked in my brain that "love hunger" grabs the need in all of us very well. That need, I believe, is
more persistent and less easy to satisfy, than the pinch in our stomach that tells us it's once more time to stop and refuel. That's true for thirst as well. Seldom do we stop to say. "Ah, I know what that feeling is about." But we know we have the "love hunger" condition when we
begin to talk to ourselves with thoughts like, "Why hasn't so and so called me for two days, now?" Or we might think, "I wish the Jenkins would ask us to have dinner with them this weekend." Other ways to identify our craving for a sweet bit of love, is boredom or a case of loneliness. Unfortunately, we sometimes get real clingy and possessive when this "love hunger" attack strikes us. That would only drive people away. Let's talk about this some more next week.

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