Wednesday, November 18, 2009


How can we fill our insatiable appetite for love? It won't work to demand it. But we can make ourselves easier to love. One of those ways is to ourselves be kind. It works. Here's how:
There aren't many better ways to transform someone’s anemic view of life than kindness. Any act of selflessness, or of good will, of helpfulness, of benevolence, of friendship, of favor, springs out of your own love. Kindness always fits whether it is calculated or spontaneous. And it carries a language of its own. Through kindness you help the other person know you notice her and care about her. Rarely is kindness misinterpreted. You make her feel worthy. It can be simple things like offering a ride, or affirming her when she's done something well, or giving a hug when she feels alone, or stopping to talk encouragingly when testy people crossed her path all day, or greet her at work with a smile. Maybe her spouse or room mate left the house in a foul mood. All these change the way she looks at life. You can do that for anyone at anytime.
How does that get love coming in your direction? This person will begin to send kind, loving gestures your way. It's like an investment. Can you do this? Before you get far into the day, perhaps when you're showering, say a prayer that you will see opportunbies to be kind. Tell me what happens.