Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Let's continue with the subject of hope. We must find a reason to keep going. The pessimist claims everything and everyone is against his success. Or he imagines the odds are all stacked against him. Yet even the most blatant cynic clasps tightly to the belief that things must get better for him, or he would terminate his life. We label this inherent desire to believe that a better way is possible as ‘ hope.’ Job, in the Old Testament, had every reason to give up: he lost possessions, children, health and friendships. In this desperate, forlorn condition, he proclaims to his former friends, now his present accusers, that he resolves to continue to cling to his hope in God, even if God should take the only thing he has left- his life. You and I decide whether or not we should keep believing things can improve. No one else does that for us.