Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I don't know about your faith status, but finding an anchor for love, (both getting and giving it) is really important. Love always hopes because our love is anchored in Almighty God and draws on His resources. With His love coursing through our being, we are able to see as an airplane pilot sees, far beyond the horizon. His love sees the possible in what looks impossible at first. Our hope and expectations has no limits because His love has no limits. We suddenly can see potential when futility had begun to build its nest. With love as a driving force of life, our hope knows there is no end to all the wonderful and precious parts of life. Love breeds hopes because love redeems and restores in all circumstances. Love even overcomes death, man’s ultimate fear. Love overcomes sickness. Since God is love, God always hopes you will continually be His child and His witness to the world through acts of love.