Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Let's face it, the concept of hope is slippery. How do we actually get hope? Is it something some people inherit or receive at the time of birth? Probably not.It’s absurd to think you can have hope when you don’t want to have it. To that extent possessing anticipation of the future must then be self-willed. Possession, though, is no more than a dream unless you purchase the item; like a car. We must will to have it. Yet, if the car had not been made, if you did not have income that pays you enough, you could not possess the car. Likewise, unless God supplied the hope for an abundant life here and a perfect life in heaven through Jesus, the possibility of hope would be hopeless. BUT. We are left to reach out and accept the gift of hope that God holds out to us. We take the initiative to get hope. So...let's get with it.

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