Thursday, January 21, 2010


Some ways we present ourselves are a negative influence on our appeal to others. Self-promotion (boasting), for example, and love cannot co-exist. Self-promotion begs for personal attention whereas love steers the mind the other person. The words “I” and “me” riddle the sentences of boasters but the one who loves uses the words “you” and “we” often. Boasters avoid events where mostly listening is required. Ones who love consider listening a pleasant consideration of the other person’s worth. The self-promoter participates if he is guaranteed public recognition. She recoils from following Jesus because she finds it hard to direct glory to Him. Me-centric people use others for their own edification but soon find they have few friends. They drive away those whom they try to impress. Those who love have many friends because they refuse to exploit but rather look for ways to build up their friends. Track your conversattions. Do you tend to speak mostly about yourself or is the other person the focus?

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