Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I hope you find the following story inspiring.
At long last Trev enjoyed a friendship. As a child he walked home alone after school. As a teen he sat by himself in the lunchroom. As a young man he ate popcorn by himself at the movie house. Trev often wept over his drab, solitary life. He often complained to his parents. In frustration, he lashed out at those his age for not including him in their parties and backyard games. Even at church he felt like an alien. His life became almost unbearable.
Then Brock moved into his condo, one floor up. They met for the first time as they picked up their mail at the entrance after work. Brock invited Trev up to help him assemble a new entertainment center. He was cheerful the whole time. The next week Brock asked Trev to join him in his tri-weekly jog. As Brock got to know Trev, he began to compliment him on his well-kept condo unit and his exceptional collection of cartoon characters. Trev enjoyed Brock's encouragement but suspected that Brock was building up to some big demand. Not a hint. Ever.
Trev's life began to blossom. He arrived at work with a smile and people warmed up to him. He felt free to talk to the girl at the drug store counter. He was surprised when she accepted an invitation to have dinner with him. On the street, Trev occasionally stopped to talk to speak with some of the homeless people.
Love transforms the people to whom we show love. It tansform us.

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